Millennials and Their Pets

Pets of Millennials are some lucky little critters. If there’s still an argument about whether Millennials are “Generation Nice” or “Generation Me”, the animals that live with them might be able to settle that debate. Millennials are more socially, ecologically, and empathetically aware than previous generations. This has led to a conscientious approach to pet care that creates happy homes, healthy lifestyles, and enduring bonds between Millennials and their four-legged family members.

Animal Welfare and Animal Rights

Animal welfare and animal rights are not novelty concepts to Millennials. Their generation was raised in a society that more frequently called out inhumane treatment and rejected animal cruelty as acceptable. Given their unprecedented access to information via the Internet, Millennials have gained an advanced education in pet food and grooming ingredients, composition and design of bedding, toys, and housing, and whether these things are healthy or harmful.

With compassion for animal welfare instilled in them as children, they’ve taken this education to heart. As adults, Millennials demand healthy and sustainable pet food and pet care solutions, driving pet supply industries toward greater transparency and ethical product manufacturing.

Millennials and Their Relationships with Pets

The significance of pet relationships to Millennials is enhanced by their lifestyle choices. They are staying single longer or holding off on marriage indefinitely, and, for many, adopting pets has replaced having children in their early adulthood years. Family is as important to Millennials as it is to their predecessors, but with a larger percentage of their generation enrolled in college and fewer of them purchasing homes, traditional lifestyle choices aren’t as feasible or as practical as they once were. Millennials provide homes for pets that need them, and those pets become family members, providing companionship and care-taking fulfillment.

The importance of pets in the lives of Millennials is evidenced by their inclusion in daily activities and social circles. Millennials’ love for animals has given rise to pet-friendly cafes and department stores, animal family social media accounts, thousands of YouTube pet videos, and a new wave of animal rescue and pet welfare organizations.

Millennials are the generation that animals have been waiting for. A generation that respects them as individuals, is concerned about their quality of life, and is empathetic to the effects of poor or proper care. Lucky for them both, independent, kind-hearted Millennials are reaching adulthood at a time when the homeless pet population is exploding. The nature of the Millennial generation provides the opportunity to fully enjoy the benefits of the symbiotic people-pet connection while promoting responsible action to mitigate the negative impact that domestication has had on animal populations.

Millennials Are Socially Minded

Many Millennial priorities diverge from those of generations before them. Placing less emphasis on material wealth, they are more socially minded and choose healthy relationships with people, animals, and the environment over accumulation of goods. They prioritize the health, well-being, and happiness of their pets and their purchases reflect the value that Millennials place on these significant relationships.

According to Nathan Richter of Wakefield Research, 76% of Millennials say they would splurge on their pet instead of on themselves. Empathetic to their pet’s physical, mental, and emotional satisfaction with daily life, Millennials are redefining the concept of well-cared for pets, setting a precedent for the compassionate treatment of animals for generations to come.

Humane Treatment of Animals

The idea of humane treatment of animals has taken root in society and is bearing fruit in this generation. Clearly Loved Pets considers this to be the right direction and our acrylic indoor enclosures reflect our dedication to improving the lives of animal family and friends. Contained but uncaged, our enclosures provide the boundaries of a crate when needed, but with the comfort of visual inclusiveness and a paw-friendly design. Contact us today for more information on how our acrylic pens enhance the safety and well-being of your pet when circumstance requires them to have their own designated space in your home.