Response to the Question, “Why do you have a dog if you are just going to put it in a cage?”

Here’s Why…

Lucidium Dog Pen
Miss Madison’s Palace

Occasionally well-meaning animal lovers will send impassioned messages berating us for making a “cage” and putting dogs it in it forever.  We reply by trying to point out the many reasons that a person might need to contain their pet while they are not home (not 24 hours a day) – for the safety and security of their animal.  For example, new puppies are like babies and they must be protected.  Post-surgical animals need to rest and be kept from jumping on furniture.  Some senior dogs are confused and might not be able to find their water bowl.  Whelping dogs need a defined space to give birth.  Furthermore, some people want to protect their furniture and moldings, or prevent a dog from going to the bathroom all over their home.

A Better, Kinder, Way to Meet a NEED

We designed the Lucidium Dog Pen as an alternative to the traditional options available for securing pets and homes – cages and kennels.  Our pen is larger, far more comfortable for pets, and much better looking.  If your dog wants to have a “den”, then you can fit one inside our pen, and still have space for them to come out and move around.

Lucidium Dog Pen

Madison’s Story

The other day we received a beautiful note and picture from a customer who shared her experience.  Thank you for sharing Madison’s story with us, and for agreeing to let us write this blog.  This is a perfect example of why we made the product!

Madison is a 7 year old 6lb Yorkie. Last summer she fell off something (we are thinking the couch) when we weren’t home and tore 3 ligaments in her neck. She went through major surgeries and had to be crated for the first 6 weeks while she healed. However, we weren’t taking any more chances.  Miss Madison has been crated (while we are not home) for almost a year. Recently we had noticed her becoming very depressed and her back legs became stiff. We saw your ad on Instagram and decided we would try it!!!  Needless to say, our baby girl loves it! As we have her now a whole Tiffany theme. (She is spoiled 😊) since we have had it she has been soooo happy and full of energy….since she has been in her “Palace!!!” Thank you guys for helping our baby girl have a place of her own where she can stretch her legs and walk around in a good size area while we are away. On behalf of the family we are over-joyed!!