Dr. Julie Huthmaker Introduction


Thank you for taking the time to read my Clearly Loved Pets blog.  I hope that readers find my posts interesting and enriching.  Topics will include health, research, current pet industry trends, and I may stray for strays…

On a personal note, I have always been passionate about animals, and animal rights.   I have long pondered the way humans treat animals, from their cages to their food.  Like many other people, I believe we can do a better job with certain aspects of pet care.

Academically and professionally I have a rather diverse background.  My experience includes work in the fields of mental health, nursing (RN and Family Nurse Practitioner) and academia.  I have conducted public health research with children and animals.  Not pets, but mosquitoes.  The anti-pet!

I began my career working in mental health where I cared for patients in group homes, as well as a locked facility for the criminally insane.  Many of my patients suffered from depression and a sense of isolation.  As I moved into nursing and primary care, I continued to see those problems as well as “lifestyle diseases” such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and pulmonary disease.

It is well-known that current health care spending is unsustainable.  While teaching Nurse Practitioner students, I strongly encouraged them to include non-pharmacological treatments, in other words lifestyle changes, to improve patient’s health.  This approach to wellness is empowering and sustainable; in my opinion the future of health in the US.  As I dug further into alternative modalities, I began to find more and more research on pets.

The Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) is a non-profit organization currently conducting research on the ways in which pets benefit our health. Pets have been found to positively impact the lifestyle diseases and other conditions such as cancer and autism.  Finally, some non-pharmacological relief from the sedentary-lifestyle illnesses of our modern world.  Animals are calling us back to health, grounding us in this moment, and making us go out outside.  More than ever, people have a reason to get a pet, and to treat it well.

I found myself, together with my engineer husband, wanting to get involved with the pet industry.  We began to develop pet enclosures that are innovative and over-sized.  These modern, clear-paneled enclosures provide a safe space for pets, in the heart of the home, without compromising aesthetics.

I am excited to expand my resume to include CEO of Clearly Loved Pets.  I look forward to continued personal and professional growth in the pet care industry.  See you at the dog park!

Dr. Julie Huthmaker

B.S. Industrial-Organizational Psychology

B.S. Nursing

M.S. Nursing, Licensed and Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Doctor of Public Health, Epidemiology