Photos of Our Furry Friends

Meet Melissa's bunnies. They are comfortably situated in the living room, where they have a great view of their backyard. Along with their new Lucidium pen, they have an awesome bunny castle, available on Etsy.

Bo in his size medium silver. This little baby loves his bedroom... I wonder why :-)

This handsome Frenchie loves his new pen from Clearly Loved Pets. It is a size medium (4 ft x 4ft), silver pen set up in the 2 ft x 6 ft configuration.

You can read more about this dog pen by clicking here.

Meet Jynx!

Jynx is a 2 year old Dachshund Boxer mix and is full grown at about 30lbs. She just got a bedroom upgrade to a medium silver Lucidium Dog Pen. So far she thinks it's a fine place to hang out!

Kazooie the ferret in his new home!

Apparently Kazooie was quite the escape artist until his owners at Tipsy Turvy Animal Training bought him the Lucidium Pen to call home. It's too heavy to dig his nose under and there is nothing to grab onto to climb the walls. Marina, his owner said he adjusted quickly to the pen. Learn more about what she said on our Reviews page.

Tess has a great view of all the action and feels stylish with her beautiful bed and fabulous blue pen.

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