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Retailer Information - SuperZoo 2017 Brochure

Retailer Sales Options

Dog Pen SuperZoo 2017 Las Vegas

Thank you for taking the time to consider The Lucidium Dog Pen™ by Clearly Loved Pets™ as a merchandise item for your business.

Clearly Loved Pets™ manufactures modern, aesthetically-pleasing pet enclosures. We embrace the Pets-are-family philosophy, and have designed this pen as an alternative to traditional indoor dog enclosures. Our pen is a home furnishing; a bedroom for your dog. It is comprised of clear, acrylic panels, an aluminum frame, and injection molded plastic connectors. The hardware is custom made die cast metal, mostly stainless steel.

We offer two options for businesses to sell our pens: In-Store Sales or Drop Ship Sales.

Option 1 - In-Store Sales

Carry Products in Your Store for 50% Discount off MSRP.

  Small (2' x 4') Medium (4' x 4') Large (4' x 6')
MSRP $379.00 $439.00 $499.00
Retailer Cost = 50% Discount* $189.50 $219.50 $249.50
Retailer Profit $189.50 $219.50 $249.50

*Prices are FOB West Palm Beach, FL, with minimum quantity order of $1,000 not including shipping.

This option offers the highest margin for you, but also requires purchasing and storing the product. Box sizes are 27 in x 29 in x 8 in, potentially making this logistically difficult for smaller-sized businesses to carry a variety of sizes and colors.

Option 2 - Drop Ship Sales

Customer pays MSRP at your store (or on your website) and they are provided with FREE SHIPPING* via UPS or FedEx directly to their home. Your profit is 25% of the MSRP. This avoids inventory carrying costs and saves valuable storage space.

  Small (2' x 4') Medium (4' x 4') Large (4' x 6')
MSRP $379.00 $439.00 $499.00
Retailer Cost = 25% Discount $284.25 $329.25 $374.25
Retailer Profit $94.75 $109.75 $124.75

* Sometimes people want to compare prices online. Your customers may leave the store with product information (including our website) without placing an order. Please be sure to tell your customers that the price is the same on our website, however if they order from YOU they will receive FREE SHIPPING. If they order online from our website, they will have to pay for shipping. This strategy helps ensure that the sales created through your efforts will benefit you.

Drop Ship Sales Process

  1. Retailer sells product to customer at retail price, either in their store or from their website, and collects payment (no shipping changes are collected.
  2. Retailer orders the product from using their sign in. Prices in the dropship section reflect the 25% discount (be sure to charge customers the MSRP).
  3. Retailer enters their customer's address in the shipping address section.
  4. Clearly Loved Pets ships product to customer.

Consider Both Options

You may decide to provide both options by carrying a small inventory of sizes and colors most popular with your customers, AND dropship pens you don't have in-stock.

If you choose to sell our product, Clearly Loved Pets™ offers a $99 retailer package, which includes:

  • One small Lucidium Dog Pen™ in your choice of color to use as a floor model (medium or large available for nominal fee).
  • Marketing display made with small pieces of the four different colored aluminum tubes (so customers can see the actual colors). Marketing displays are available as counter top displays, or as a pen-mounted hanging displays.
  • Full color brochures, which fit into marketing display.
  • Content for your website including images, a link to product video, and product descriptions.

Photo of Our In-Store Display

In Store Display
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